1. A set of related records in a database is known as a______?

a) File b) Tuples c) Field d) Record-group e) None

2. One piece or item of information in a database is known as a/an ____?

a) Record b) Entry c) File d) Field e) None

3. Locking was introduced into databases so that _____?

a) Consistency can be enforced

b) Keys can be provided to maintain security

c) All simultaneous transactions are prevented

d) Passwords can be provided to maintain security

e) None

4. The four parts of a database listed in ascending order are?

a) File, record, field, entry

b) Entry, field, record, file

c) Field, entry, record, file

d) Record, field, entry, file

e) None

5. Which input device is used to read characters directly from an ordinary piece of paper?

a) OMR b) OCR c) TSR d) PCR e) None

6. Which of the following operating system is launched by IBM for personal computers?

a) IBM-DOS b) MS-DOS c) OS/2 d) PC-DOS e) None

7. Which generation of computer use Artificial Intelligence?

a) Third b) Fourth c) Fifth d) Sixth e) None

8. Which of the following is not a name of network topology?

a) Bus b) NetWare c) Tree d) Ring e) Mesh

9. A _______ server store and manages files for network user?

a) Main b) Web c) File d) Authentication e) None

10. A medium for transferring data between two locations is called ____?

a) Network b) Modem c) Sharing d) Communication Channel e) Data Bus

11. Personal logs or journal entries posted on the Web are known as_______?

a) Twitter b) Blogs c) Web casts d) User-Forum e) None

12. Before a hard disk can be used to store data, it must be _________ firstly?

a) Partitioned b) Labeled c) Formatted d) Addressed e) None

13. What is Rover in Windows XP?

a) An animated character

b) A mouse hover event

c) Busy hourglass mouse cursor

d) A routing and remote access service

e) None

14. A computer-hoax is?

a) A Trojan threat

b) A computer hacker

c) A program that blows up every time you use it

d) A program intended to scare users into thinking they have a virus

e) None

15. Which of the following is not a Microsoft operating system?

a) Windows XP

b) Windows ME

c) Windows CE

d) Windows MX

e) All the above

16. What does SATA stands for?

a) Super Advanced Technology Attachment

b) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

c) Serial Access Technology Attachment

d) Small Access Technology Attachment

e) None

17. Which one of the following is not true?

a) Front panel of computer case is also called Bezel

b) Python is a computer programming language

c) XP stands for eXPerience in Windows XP

d) DPI (dots per inch) is a measurement of printer resolution

e) All are true

18. The type of line spacing that leaves a blank line between each line keyed is known as?

a) Single spacing

b) Double spacing

c) Triple spacing

d) Quadruple spacing

e) None

19. The page margins of a document refer to the?

a) Header on each page

b) Page orientation

c) White space left for binding

d) White space surrounding the page

e) None

20. In order to delete the word “RAM” using the backspace key, the cursor must be


a) Before the letter M.

b) After the letter A

c) Before the letter R

d) After the letter M

e) Can not delete


1 - a 2- b 3- a 4- b 5-b 6- d 7- c 8- b 9- c 10-d

11- b12-c 13- a 14- d 15- d 16- b 17- e 18-b 19- d 20-d

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