Jun 3, 2013

Current Affairs Questions Update- General Awareness For Competitive Exams- Ibps-sbi-ssc-exams-June 2013

Latest Current Affairs Questions- General Knowledge Updates

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Read these questions of about current affairs and general awareness section of ibps po-ibps clerk- sbi- ssc exams- RPSC- LIC- MAT-CAT etc exams

Question 1-
Who has won the "Entrepreneur of the Decade" award conferred by All India Management Association in New Delhi?

1 Mr. Ratan Tata
2 Mr. Narayan Murti
3 Mr. Mukesh Ambani
4 Mr. Sunil Mittal

Question 2-
By the end of the Plan, the 12th Five-Year Plan aims to train under the Skill Development Mission
1 40 million individuals
2 30 million individuals
3 50 million individuals
4 45 million individuals

Question 3
Name the two PSUs, which were granted the Maharatna status by the Union Government of India in February 2013?
4 Coal India and SAIL

Question 4-
China recently became ________ arms exporter.
1 The world's second largest
2 The world's fourth largest
3 The world's sixth largest
4 The world's fifth largest

Question 5-
Which film has bagged the National Film Award for best feature film?
1 Anumati
2 Spirit
3 Paan Singh Tomar
4 Dhag

Question 6-
Which of the following states has bagged the National Tourism Award?
1 Assam
2 Madhya Pradesh
3 Maharashtra
4 Andhra Pradesh

Question 7-
The Cauvery Monitoring Committee (CMC) on December 7, 2012 asked Karnataka to provideTamil Nadu with how many TMC (thousand million cubic) feet of Cauvery water duringDecember 2012 ____
1 - 12 TMC feet
2 - 10 TMC feet
3-  8 TMC feet
4- 6 TMC feet

Question 8
Kumbum is a monastery found in which of the following countries?
1 China
2 Thailand
3 India
4 Japan

Question 9
A committee had been constituted to review taxation in IT sector under the Chairmanship of -
1 Anita Kapur
2 N. Rangacharya
3 Y. B. Reddy
4 C. Rangarajan

Question 10-
Which one of the following countries had recently joined World Trade Organisation?
1 Myanmar
2 Russia
3 Austria
4 Taiwan

1-(3) 2- ( 3) 3- (2) 4-(4) 5-(3)
6-(4) 7-(1) 8-(1) 9-(2) 10-(2)

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