Banking aptitude questions - based on banking terminology, news of RBI etc. Important questions for ibps clerk recruitment, ibps po jobs exam, sbi clerk  and other banking exams.

1- When was the Banking Ombudsman Scheme introduced?

Answer:- It was introduced under Section 35 A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by RBI with effect from 1995.

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2- What is the maximum limit of micro enterprise to invest in plant and machinery ?

Answer :- Rs. 25 Lakh

3- When was Bharat Nirman launched in India ?

Answer:- 2005

4- What is full abbreviation of DICGC ?

Answer:- Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

5-  Tell about NPS ?

Answer:- National Pension Scheme is known as NPS . To develop and regulate pension sector in the county on 1st January 2004 it was launched in India.

6- Now a days a word " PRAN " is coming to hear . What is the full form of " PRAN "?

Answer :- Permanent Retirement Account Number

7- What is the maximum limit of NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer )

Answer:-  No limit

8- What is full name of RTGS ?

Answer:- Real Time Gross Settlement is known as RTGS.  By RTGS we can send money from one bank account to another bank account anywhere .

9- What is minimum limit of RTGS ?

Answer:- Rs. 2 Lakh

10-  Banccasurance is a partnership between whom?

Answer:-  Between bank and the insurance company

11-  What is current bank rate as on December 3rd 2013 ?

Answer:- 8.75 %

12-  What is the full name of " BSBDA" ?

Answer:- 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account'

13- What is  the upper ceiling for RTGS transactions ?

Answer:- No limit

14-  Mostly we use ATM to withdraw money from ATM machine . Do you know what is full name of  ATM ?

Answer: Automated Teller Machine

15- What is the minimum period of maturity prescribed for Commercial Paper ?

Answer:- 7 days


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